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Communications Team


Our Communications Team is our most recently added ministry, and it’s growing quickly! Our website, social media pages, and printed materials come from or go through this team. The heart of this ministry is to create a virtual door into Riverlife Church. We understand that people will often visit church websites and social media pages to learn what the church is like before they decide to meet in person. They want a glimpse into the worship center, a message from our pastor, and an idea of how our Riverlife Groups are set up!


Just as greeters are the first impression at the front door of our worship center, our online communication is our digital handshake and smile that says, “You are welcome here!”


We also facilitate communication from church leadership to regular members and attendees. We do our best to provide multiple ways for people to catch important announcements because we know everyone wants to take part. If you’re interested in learning more about this team, contact Tessa Yeakley.