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Discipleship Team


Discipleship is an important "next step" in the life of a believer. When the prayer for salvation is finished; when repentence is achieved; once grace is accepted; as the water from the baptism dries, we take steps forward to walk with Jesus in our newfound faith. To become a disciple means to become a follower of Jesus, but what does that really look like?


The purpose of our discipleship team is to guide you through this process. It's all about spiritual growth, and God never intended for you to go through it alone. That's why we offer as many resources as possible. Be on the lookout for Bible studies, book studies, and other special programs from us! If you haven't already, connect with a Riverlife Group like The Forum, New Life, The Walk, or The Well. Remember that we have Riverlife Groups for children and teens such as RLC Kidz, 4CAST, and RAIN. Take part as soon as you can. It's an important step of faith!


We're also excited to announce the launch of a brand new series, Disciple's Path: The Journey! We are currently offering this class for adults at 6 p.m. on Wednesday nights. RAIN Student Ministries (7th through 12th grade) and The Well (young adults ages 18 through 25) are doing this study Sundays at 9:45 a.m. See Jason or Bonni McDonald to purchase your book at dive into this incredible class!