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Phebe Gray Orphanage



Civil War ravaged the country of Liberia for more than a decade, and even its most innocent people suffered. The war left children orphaned and forced into combat. The depth of this trauma is difficult to put into words. The children desperately need a beacon of hope, and they have one at the Phebe Gray Orphanage.


Established in 1996, it is currently home to 89 beautiful children. Max and Debbie Thompson have been there since 2013, and they are working to expand services. Operating an orphanage in a country with severely damaged infrastructure is very challenging, and they need our help. If you have a heart for ministries abroad, prayerfully consider giving to the Phebe Gray Orphanage. We take up a Missions offering on the second Sunday of every month for anyone interested in gviing to RLC Missions. For more information about Phebe Gray, click here.